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A network of 37 strategic storage sites
covering French territory. Each of these storage sites provides dedicated shelved areas in a secure environment. The network is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and has double-entrance security doors for night-time deliveries. Our whole network provides a “drop-point” function.

A pick-up/drop-off point is provided in one of our 10 integrated agencies.
A pick-up/drop-off point is provided for you at one of our agencies or dedicated storage sites. See our offer in detail.
Reverse logistic
 In the event of a product return, we organise transportation from your client’s company. See our offer in detail.

Frontline services
Delivery of parts by either an expert engineer or a Colitel agent, who will install the material after delivery. You can follow the operating report in real time.

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COLITEL has established a network of 27 local storage sites and 10 regional agencies

    • 37 local storage sites
    • Pick-up/drop-off points available
    • Reverse logistics
    • Frontline services provided by an external engineer or by a specialised Colitel agent.

A specific organisation perfectly tailored to maintenance operations and rapid service :

    • Standardised infrastructures on each site
    • Standardised addressing
    • Double-entrance security doors for 24/7 access by authorised persons
    • Centralised organisation for sensitive and strategic operations

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