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Emergency solutions (on request)
Dedicated transportation in France and Europe by car or lorry; we can respond within the hour. See our offer in detail.

Un panel de solutions de transport pour un acheminement “juste à temps”.
Dedicated pre- and post-delivery services, combined with the first outbound flight or high speed train. See our offer in detail.
Someone will accompany your parcel to ensure its contents remain secure.
Collection, transportation and delivery in person to the recipient.
Extreme urgency: a taxi plane or helicopter dedicated for extreme urgency.
A solution for extreme urgencies to fulfil immediate requirements.

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For Colitel, the urgent transportation business revolves around four areas of expertise:

    • Exclusive urgent transportation
    • Combined urgent transportation
    • Accompanied urgent transportation
    • Taxi plane 

These four activities, combined with our expertise in critical logistics management, enable us to respond to all urgent transportation requests, also known as immediate transportation.

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