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COLITEL, a brand, a culture, a mission…

“Created from a concept which is both simple and ambitious: “a different way to provide a service”, Colitel unites its teams within a culture focused on consistent progress, demand and client satisfaction”. (Colitel Founder Bernard Boucher – 1981).

Colitel is a human-sized company which focuses on forging customised and long-term relationships with clients.

Since the beginning, Colitel has developed and adapted new technologies with its clients to provide the best software tools for assisting decision-making and guaranteeing reliability of implemented solutions and information processing.
Our ColWeb operating system is unique, progressive and can be fully interfaced. It enables the user to follow assignments in real time, thanks to its on-board information system, a cornerstone for more interactive, immediate and secure information management.

The company’s aim to fulfil client expectations as far as possible has led to the company strategy of on-going consolidation of its integrated national network and the extension of its One European Express European network.

This dimension, constantly being developed, increases our competitiveness, enables us to constitute a more global and coherent commercial offer and improve our proximity, essential for guaranteeing responsiveness.

Colitel differentiates itself through innovation, service, quality and enthusiasm, by presenting itself as an associate, creating unique and efficient solutions to gain even more market share and gain favour with its clients.

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Démarche environnement

In an environment of transportation activities where contribution to sustainable development remains marginal, Colitel has launched a policy of eco-responsibility in several respects :


  • Renewal of our circulating fleet in 2-3-year cycle
  • Vehicles systematically renewed in accordance with the most recent European standards


  • Driving staff trained in eco-driving techniques

Operations and administration sites

  • Selective waste sorting
  • Energy saving measures (water and electricity consumption)
  • Limited printing (IS & and “zero paper” applications)