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A message from the President

By colitel on 4 March 2014 in business news
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Colitel has endeavoured to forge a relationship built on trust with its clients for over 30 years


For several years, companies have increasingly refocused on their central purposes. Consequently, they are choosing to externalise part or all of their logistics. Large companies choose global actors who will provide logistics solutions for all their needs. Nevertheless, the extremely sensitive nature of certain secondary flows requires them to seek a specialist company.

With increasing globalisation, Colitel aims to be a referential player, able to optimise all modes of transportation to cover the main industrial sites worldwide.

Colitel comes into its own with these “niche” markets, providing dedicated global solutions:

  • Combining urgent transportation with local-level logistics for urgent transportation logistics for critical transportation flows.
  • Combining planned transportation with transportation engineering for customised logistics for specific transportation flows.

Colitel focuses its expertise on strategic flow management by proposing real added value in the form of guidance combined with recognised expertise. Our objective is to stand out with innovation, service, quality and enthusiasm. More than a partner, a close associate who can produce unique solutions for specific circumstances.

The client at the heart of the company

“In a subcontractor, I am looking for more than a partner. I need an associate who understands the stakes involved in a project, an expert in my industrial environment to work together to accomplish common objectives. An associate who can support us in our development and actively produce creative ideas.”
The Logistics Director of a worldwide IT leader.
“Satisfaction survey”, “highlights” and “quality flash” planned events each year to constantly improve the quality of services rendered”.

A strategy focused on the client: Colitel organises its sales force in accordance with the operations of our clients, our objective being to provide contacts specialised in the industries of each of our clients, enabling us to identify future strategies and specific requirements, and to improve our responsiveness and adaptability to develop product offers and customised services.