transport et logistique d'urgence
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Transport Urgent
Logistique critique
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Emergency solutions
Collection within the hour anywhere in France and Europe. A fleet of vehicles tailored to your BtoB requirements. A fleet of road vehicles ranging from motorbikes to heavy goods vehicles (HGV lorries). Use of air solutions, combined or dedicated, 24/7.
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24/7 logistics solutions
A national network of local storage sites, customised solutions to meet customers’ critical logistics service requirements (storage, management, primary level services, drop-off/pick-up points available).



Luggage solutions
A standardised national network of delivery to individual customers (BtoC). Transportation and distribution by appointment or dedicated delivery rounds. A solution to the problem of luggage lost in air transport.
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Solutions for the healthcare and life sciences sector
We offer resources to meet urgent transportation requirements and storage tailored to the specific requirements of healthcare sectors (dedicated transport, controlled temperatures, transportation of hazardous materials, specialised storage, 24/7 emergency services).
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